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Kiwi Nam


        Obviously there are no Movie Celebrities, Foot Ball Stars or...Porn Stars in this "strange" Hall Of Fame. Instead you may see a lot of silly characters of my friends whom I can grab and put them on this page. They may be the typical Vietnamese gung-ho Vets who are still fighting "the lost war" but with all good reasons, a survived Vietnamese prisoner of concentration camp (disguised as "Reeducation Camp") who didn't get mad at Hanoi regime at all but wants to get...even!, How about a VNAF modeling beginner whose model looks...so clumpsy and ugly, but the guy has done it with all his devotion...

      In short, those are just "Joe six-packs" full of humors and no-nonsense thinking. How about you, man...! I mean YOU, you are reading this page. You may be a good candidate for this "going beyond the call of duty" page, because after all, we may share a lot of die-hard stuff in common.



        Triple-T is a familiar figure among the Southern California circle of VNAF aircraft modeling. You may wonder about his nickname Triple-T. Here's the answer: The guy's first, middle and last name begin with the letter T, but unlike Triple-A which stands for "anti-aircraft-artillery"). Good friends went further more, saying Triple-T in this case can stand for any things. And the best words they found are: "Tai Tuc Tiu." (translated loosely into English, it means "Dirty-Hardcore Tai." What a great nick name! It sounds like the famous "Dirty Harry."

        Triple-T is not only an aircraft modeler, he is a model kit collector also. During the last three decades, he has been collecting hundreds and hundreds of model aircraft kits. Too many model kit boxes to the point there weren't any more space left in his house to harbor his treasure, so to solve the problem, Triple-T invented a new packaging method. He cut out all the parts of a model aircraft kit, putting the whole thing into a much smaller fruit can. Voila, now he can handle and store as many model aircraft small packages as he wants. However, this new "repackage" posed a great challenge to most of the modeling experts and scared...the hell out of all modeling novices, because in order to assemble correctly, what references or part numbers they would refer to according to the instruction sheet? But Triple-T assured that there weren't any missing parts in his new "repackage," and that if you spread out those chopped-off parts on a table, after spending a few hours to sort them out, you could recognize those parts and their location. Then they are ready for assembly process. I couldn't agree more!

        So if you have been hunting for a rare model aircraft that you couldn't find anywhere, Triple-T may hold your lost treasure. Thank you, Triple-T for breaking this webpage, the last page on this website that I have left empty for so long. Without humor, aircraft modeling would be so boring, reserved just for the "crumby-old museum curators!"

PS: Photo on the top-right shows Triple-T in the good-old day, half-naked struggling to put a model together. Thirty years ago, when airbrush tools are too expensive to afford in Nam, Triple-T used "Chi Nam" technique ("Sister Number Five" = hand with 5 fingers ==> hand painting) to paint his models. What a skillful challenge! Please give Triple-T a round of applause! I will post some of his old model aircraft on VNAF MODELS section. Again, thank you, Triple-T and welcome to "Hall Of Fame." If you have a fun story about VNAF modeling, don't hesitate to write it down and send it to me.



Amassing Modelkits

As of today Feb. 09, 2006 10:06 PM

You all thought you had some models. This is a preview to wet your appetite. Our club had a member pass away last year and he was a builder as well as a collector. He managed to amass over 10,000 kits! His estate will be sold off to support his mothers heath care needs. We will make a formal announcement soon. I will post it here first. And this is just a hint if you live within driving distance of North Carolina you should keep the last weekend of this month open. He had over 400 1/48 scale Hasegawa F-4!