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    Thank you for "landing" at the "air base" of VNAF Model Aircraft of Minnesota. The airbase of VNAF MAMN temporily located in Southern California, but soon will be moved to Minnesota, the Wonderland. You can contact us at the email address below:
    Unlike many other websites, we have no "hot" or "sensational" news to post, all are "stale tales to tell." The kind of old stories that "friends" want to forget and "foes" want to deny. But with your introduction of this website to the right persons. All "the Right Stuff" soon will be passed to the Vietnamese younger generations so that all the priceless lessons of Vietnam War won't be lost in vain.
   Today, all aircraft of VNAF are gone, but their missions are still continuing relentlessly at full throttle, and you, "the pilot à terre" are commandeering a VNAF "stealth" aircraft with God as your co-pilot. So what else you need: "May The Force Be With You"!   :o)

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This website has been built by a website dummy (me) for the Internet novices. During the building process, I notice some things that may help you while you are navigating on my website:

  1. This website focus heavily on art and graphic materials. It works best with EXPLORER browser (Windows) and SAFARI browser (Apple). All the webpages have been modified constantly. If you have previously visited and bookmarked this website, you may need to click the refresh button on your browser's window to see the latest webpages. Otherwise your computer may still run on the old copies of my webpages.
  2. You couldn't read the entries of the GUESTBOOK in between! If you click the forward arrow, it jumps to the 5 last entries; click the backward, it jumps to the first 5 entries. Here's the problem: The guy (mot nguoi "dong huong") who designs this Guestbook application didn't do it right! To read the entries in between, just keep clicking one of the two arrows. It will take you in sequence to the next 5 comment entries. Watch for the numbers on the top left corner of the Guestbook, you know where you are.
  3. Some of the pages on this website have background music. Only Explorer browser supports background sound (Some pages have been modified af of today Feb 02, 2006; al Browsers can hear music). If the background music bothers you, turn down your computer sound volume, you will hear nothing no more :0)
  4. If the webpage downloads only half a picture then stop; click the Refresh button, you may have a chance to get full picture.
  5. Most of the linked pages on my web site open in their own windows. You can click to close it; your main page reappears again (it was underneath the linked page).
  6. To avoid pop-up pages crowded on your desktop, I have use "FRAMES"on most of the slide shows. "Frames"  means: The linked page doesn't opens in its own window, it opens on some area right on the page you are viewing. If you click a linked page and see nothing happened, but there are some messages like: "Your current web browser doesn't support Frames..." Here are two possible reasons: a/ you have an "antique" web browser.  b/ you are using a..."stolen computer." The previous owner for some reason has turned off Frames :0)). To turn frames on: Click on the name of your browser on the left corner of its desktop menu bar; pull down to Preferences. When the Preferences window opens, choose Web Browser,  then pick Web Content,  on the left side panel check the box by the words "SHOW FRAMES."  Voilas, it's done! I wonder if you have to re-launch your web browser to active the new Preferences (?).
  7. Most of the art works and pictures on my website have been individually compressed to the max. (most under 25k, but still retain good quality, only a few around 50K), so that you can open the web pages really fast. If you use Safari browser (Apple computer), you can see how super fast my web pages open, man...! (Vivre McIntosh! Viva Steve Job!). It doesn't take a whole lunchtime to open a web page just to see a "stupid picture" as you might experience sometimes. Believe it or not, I am using regular dial Internet connection just like you. You suffer what I do, but not on this web site.
  8. These are what I know so far when I build the web site! Thanks for reading.